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Did You Know?

Old Ferguson West is home to many interesting people, including artists, writers, carpenters, world travelers, doctors, and dozens of professionals. These are just a few of our "star" residents:
  • A columnist for Sauce Magazine
  • A custom furniture builder
  • A personal chef
  • An emergency room doctor
  • An author & writer for Better Homes & Gardens
  • A prop maker for films
  • A broadcast engineer
  • A civil engineer
  • A veterinarian
  • An editor for the Post-Dispatch
  • A media manager for Enterprise
  • A world-renowned meditation expert
  • An educator for the St. Louis Art  Museum
  • Many IT experts
  • Several teachers
  • A city attorney
  • A painter
  • Lots of homebrewers
and so many more!

































































































Please browse our former featured neighbors.
Markthomas & Julia Rogers

Markthomas & Julia Rogers

Local Haunt: Tiffin Avenue

Hometown: Markthomas ("Motor") is from St. Louis, Julia is from Mobile, AL.


Favorite Book/TV show/Movie: "We love 24 and anything on BBC America. Markthomas likes science journals and is a self-proclaimed science geek. Julia's favorite books are Jane Eyre, historical novels and anything by Herman Hesse and Tolkein, but her guilty pleasure is Harry Potter."

Best Thing About Ferguson: "We like the small town feel, the beautiful architecture and the interesting people."

Favorite Way to Spend a Day: "Sitting on the front porch with a cup of coffee. (Please stop by for a visit, though we won't promise to be out of our pajamas yet!)"

Fun Fact: "We had a Scottish themed wedding, and Markthomas even wore a kilt." Also, Markthomas is a massage therapist who specializes in muscle rehabilitation and pulmonary disorders.

:: Sun 11/22/2009 @ 01:41

Dwayn James


Local Haunt: Tiffin Ave Hometown: Normandy, MO
Best Thing About Ferguson: "The true sense of community. People working in their yards, talking with their neighbors and everyone out walking their dogs."
Favorite Book: "Five Smooth Stones, and all of the Harry Potter Books."
Favorite Way to Spend a Day: "Hmm .. dont really know. Either on a trip someplace or in front of the TV watching basketball or a movie."
Fun Fact: Dwayne has visited all 50 states, been to Europe twice and once to South Africa!

:: Wed 11/18/2009 @ 08:25

Heidi Lung

Heidi Lung

Local Haunt: Tiffin Avenue

Hometown: "Born in Quincy, Illinois and grew up near Davenport, Iowa.  St. Louis has been my home since 1995."

Favorite Book/TV show/Movie: "I love to read everything from historical non-fiction to comic books.  I also love movies -- especially scary ones.  I don't have cable, so I'm addicted to PBS and the show Medium." 
Best Thing About Ferguson: "My husband and I are both from small towns in Iowa, but have lived in cities for the past ten years.  We originally wanted a home in the city until we discovered Ferguson.  We were both overwhelmed by the neighbors who took time to welcome us into the neighborhood. We moved in last May and love getting fresh food at the Farmers Market over the summer.  Moving to Ferguson was like the small town feeling we grew up with, with the added benefits of St. Louis -- diverse restaurants, museums, and cultural events.  Oh, and don't forget the Whistle Stop!"
Favorite Way to Spend a Day: "When I'm not working at the St. Louis Art Museum, I spend time making my art, which includes writing and drawing comics, sculpture, and more recently SOCK BUDDIES, as seen in the Stareway Gallery on Church Street."
Fun Fact: "I bake my own bread....without a bread machine!"

:: Sat 11/14/2009 @ 04:11

The Wheat Family

Ken, Stefannie (left), Marissa & Marcus  

Local Haunt: Harrison Avenue
Hometown: Ken - Kirkwood; Stefannie - Eureka
Best Thing About Ferguson: "Ferguson is a very diverse, friendly town. We enjoy the closeness of our neighbors and the tight knit community we live in. It's a great place to raise our children."
Fun Facts: Ken loves to coach his son's baseball team and throw a good party! Stefannie recently became a real estate agent, and she hopes to one day write a book about haunted houses. Marissa, 10, is saving money to open her own restaurant. She plans to call it "The Wheat House" and serve as executive chef.  And Marcus, also 10, wants to be a doctor. At age four, he asked for foreign language classes so he could one day treat patients who don't speak English!
Favorite Way to Spend a Day: "We love going to the park for picnics and a family game of trying to play soccer."
Favorite Book or TV Show: Ken - "My favorite TV show is 24. Stefannie says she doesn't like it, but every now and then I catch her glancing at it."   Stefannie - "I enjoy Ann Rice Novels, particularly her stories on the Mayfair witches. Other than that, I'm a music enthusiast. My kids think I'm a rock star!"

:: Sat 11/14/2009 @ 04:11

Quinn Carson


Hometown: Natchez, Mississippi
Local Haunt: Clark Avenue
Best Thing About Ferguson:
"It's just a good place to be!"
Favorite TV Show: The Cosby Show, or that cop show with Officer Skinner (X-Files maybe??)
Favorite Way to Spend a Day: "take in a good movie"
Fun Fact: Qunnie has 10 grandkids and she loves to go to church!

:: Sat 11/14/2009 @ 04:10

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